Who is American Keg Company, LLC?

American Keg Company was formed with a combination of the assets (people, plant, inventory, etc.) of Geemacher, LLC, new, expert plant management, and significant new investment in April, 2016.

Why didn’t you keep the name Geemacher for the company?  

             Geemacher primarily sold import kegs – the company only sold American Made kegs for the last 15 months or so.  The new company will, within the next three years or so, ramp up production of American Made kegs so that we can meet the huge demand for them.  We wanted to change the name to reflect our mission to produce American Made kegs.

So – What will a Geemacher keg mean?

                Going forward, a Geemacher keg will stand for what it primarily has for years – a high-quality import keg, with a strong warranty and customer service organization behind it, at an excellent price.