Tall Quarter 
Imported 1/4 BBL Specs:  
Capacity: 7.75 +/- .2 US Gallons
Height: 23.5 in
Diameter: 10.9 in
Pickling: ASTM A967 & A380
Spear: Micro Matic D (US Sankey)
Material: 304 Stainless Steel


Imported from abroad, this "Tall Quarter" barrel is a real space saver and an excellent choice for brewers who want to carry a lot of variety.  These quarters are constructed from quality, 100% corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel.  A Micro Matic "D" system (US Sankey) keg spear is included.  

American Keg will factory emboss your brewery name on the chime, add a custom one color screen print of your logo, add high visibility striping, or all of the above to make these YOUR kegs.



Imported 1/4 Keg Pricing   

   Imported      Qty. (2 High Pallet)     Qty. (3 High Pallet)      Emboss Minimum     < Pallet        1-10 Pallets       > than 10 Pallets
  1/4 BBL                 32                  48                96   Call or Click        Call or Click         Call for Price